• How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story! (Android) (2021)
    Welcome back everyone, i’ll go ahead and show you exactly how to post an instagram story with multiple photos on your Android phone! On your android device make your way over to the Google Play Store, you want to go ahead and search for the Swift Key keyboard, we’re going […]
  • How To Fix Xbox JoyStick Drifting Issues Without Taking It Apart!
    Welcome back everyone, pretty much what happens is on almost all controllers that i’ve ever owned with joysticks especially since like 2014 for the most part have had some controller drifting issues on the joystick. Whether it’s a PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One controller, today we’re specifically focusing on […]
  • Google Pixel 4a Vs Samsung Galaxy S10e! (Comparison) (Review)
    Welcome back everyone! This is the first blog on this website so it’s going to be pretty rough. But you may have already seen my review of these two phones, but in case you want a written review, here you go! First off, let’s hit on the price, below are […]