Welcome back everyone, pretty much what happens is on almost all controllers that i’ve ever owned with joysticks especially since like 2014 for the most part have had some controller drifting issues on the joystick. Whether it’s a PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One controller, today we’re specifically focusing on the xbox one. A really important way / really easy way to fix this doesn’t even require you to take it apart at all, all it requires you to do is just have access to some isopropyl alcohol.

This is the process: get your controller next to you and make sure it’s fully off, find that specific joystick that has the issue, get access to a cotton swab / napkin or whatever you can soak the joystick with, put a little bit of this liquid on the specific napkin or whatever and once you have a little bit you don’t want it like dripping off but you want it you know noticeably wet and you just want to go ahead and kind of rub it around that specific joystick. Please let me know if this ended up working for you, thanks!

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