Welcome back everyone! if you’ve been going on TikTok any time recently then you know that there’s basically this huge trend of text to speech. Lets go ahead and do this, start off by opening up your TikTok app on both android or iOS, go ahead and click on the little plus button on the bottom as if you’re making another TikTok, you need to film the video or had filmed a video first:

once we have a video we want to go ahead and click the accept button. At the bottom theres a little text button, we want to go and click there, you’ll come into this panel:

 All you have to do is just type in whatever you want to type in, so i’ll go ahead and type this:

Go ahead and click done, go ahead and tap on the text, you’ll see this little pop up:

The very first option that said text to speech is the one you want to click on. You will then see that the text will be spoken just like any other sound! Congrats, you just learned how to do the Text To Speech capability on TikTok!

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