Welcome back everyone! Let’s go ahead and connect a set of Bluetooth headphones to a Xbox One! The process is pretty much this: we are going to be using some sort of device as a middleman to send the audio from our Xbox to that device, then that device will send it basically to our headphones.The device can an iPhone, Android, iPad, or whatever device you can download apps to.

First of all, make your way over to your Xbox One, open up the settings app, you want to go to your remote connection settings and you want to make sure that the remote play connection options are enabled.

Next up you want to make your way over to your Android, iPhone or other device and you want to download the Xbox app, this will allow us to stream our Xbox to our device.

Next up you want to go ahead and open up the Xbox app, you want to log in with the same credentials as your current Xbox, afterwards you’ll basically be presented with this specific splash screen:

it does change frequently so it may change a little bit for you, but the concept is still the same. Quick Note: You want to make sure that you’re connected to the same wifi signal as your Xbox One & your Xbox is turned on for now. Next up, you want to go into your xbox app, you’ll see at the top there’s a little Xbox logo with a signal emitting from it, you want to click that:

It’s going to allow you to go ahead and connect to your Xbox One, so you want to configure it to your specific settings (it may take a couple seconds and a couple of tries). After a bit of configuration you’ll be good to go, at this point you want to go ahead connect to your Xbox, you’ll see a green rocket go through your display, then your Xbox home screen will come onto your display!

At this point, all you have to do is connect your bluetooth device to your device, you can follow the standard process that you normally would to connect your bluetooth headphones, but at this point you’ll be able to hear everything from your Xbox to your bluetooth headphones!

If you have questions leave them down below!

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