Welcome back everyone, let’s go ahead and showcase a couple of different ways you can connect a set of AirPods to you Playstation 4. The first way is to determine if your TV / Monitor has any bluetooth capability. Some new TV’s do have this capability, so go into the TV’s bluetooth settings and connect to the AirPods from there.

In case you don’t have bluetooth on your TV (which i’m sure is the majority of you), you have the option of connecting your AirPods via a paid and non-paid way. The paid way requires you to purchase a bluetooth dongle of some sort like the one below

Once you get a dongle like this, your able to connect your AirPods by holding down the connect button on the bluetooth dongle, while holding down the back button on the back of the AirPods and waiting for them to connect. This is a very seamless method, but like I stated before, does require you to buy a bluetooth dongle.

The non-paid method requires you to have a iPhone or Android device ready. It requires you to download the Remote Play app in the app store. Once downloaded, connect it to your PS4, once connected, connect your AirPods to your iPhone or Android and you will be able to hear your PS4 by using your phone as a middle device. At this point I would highly recommend connecting a PS4 controller to your iOS / Android device that way you can still play your games fully.

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