Welcome back everyone! This is the first blog on this website so it’s going to be pretty rough. But you may have already seen my review of these two phones, but in case you want a written review, here you go!

First off, let’s hit on the price, below are the available prices of both of these phones, the Pixel 4a price will be updated whenever it is available to the public (August 20), but it will cost $350, compared to the Samsung Galaxy S10e price:

Starting off with the display, the Samsung Galaxy S10e has a 5.8 inch Dynamic OLED display, technically smaller than the Pixel 4a’s panel, but still a very good sized panel, it’s 1080p and still a very good looking panel for sure. On the Google Pixel 4a we have a 5.81 OLED display, it’s a hole punch display as well (so very little bezel around it), but I would still give the edge to the Samsung Galaxy S10e for having the better panel.

On the back, the Galaxy S10e has a glass back where the Pixel 4a has a plastic back, not a deal breaker but the Galaxy S10e feels much more premium. Dual camera setup on the Galaxy S10e, single camera setup on the Pixel 4a. In terms of the outside, the Samsung Galaxy S10e definitely wins.

In terms of software, they’re both on Android 10, however, the Galaxy S10e is running One UI 2 where the Pixel 4a is running stock android. To each their own but me personally I do prefer stock android. The Google Pixel 4a will also have a longer life cycle when it comes down to software (aka lasting more years). In terms of software, the Google Pixel 4a wins here as well

In terms of performance, the Google Pixel 4a is equipped with the Snapdragon 730 chipset, Octa-Core CPU, an adrenal 618 GPU and 6gb of ram. The Samsung Galaxy S10e has the Snapdragon 855 chipset, an Octa-Core CPU, and Adreno 640 GPU and 6gb of RAM on the base model and 8gb of RAM on the top model. In my speed test I saw that the Samsung Galaxy S10e was the faster phone overall, but I did find that the Google Pixel 4a may have been the smoother phone between them.

In terms of camera, the Samsung Galaxy S10e has a dual camera setup, a 12mp wide angle lens and a 16mp ultrawide sensor, the Pixel 4a has a single 12.2mp sensor. Both cameras can do 4k at 30fps but the S10e has the ability of shooting 4k at 60fps, on top of that the s10e also has the additional ultrawide sensor, the pixel 4a doesn’t have that. In my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S10e wins in the camera department.

In terms of battery life, the Samsung Galaxy S10e has a 3100 mAh battery, the Pixel 4a has a 3140 mAh battery, in this case I also found that the Samsung Galaxy S10e has a better battery life as well.

To sum up this video, I truly believe that the Samsung Galaxy S10e is the better phone, for almost the same price you’re getting almost a flagship device. However, for a brand new device, the Google Pixel 4a is pretty hard to beat at that $350 price tag. Is the Pixel 4a perfect? Absolutely not, but it’s a very well rounded device for the price.

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